Socrates Enterprise Framework
Grow your business by developing a Web Presence
"..Socrates is also a hosted solution; hosted offsite in a 24 X 7 managed hosting environment..
"..managed hosting places emphasis on a reduced number of corporate clients per server, to ensure optimum response time..
"..managed servers are redundant in all respects; storage devices, network adapters, etc, and as a result availability is historically established at 99.9%..

Socrates is a highly scalable web framework, reducing overall web site development by 75% to 90%. Designed for the small to medium sized enterprise ready and eager to move beyond informational web sites, Socrates is the foundation for web site engagements characterized by high-end graphics and a web presence which empowers the non-technical user.

Because of its ability to empower non-technical users with web essentials for electronic commerce, dynamic content and other highly sophisticated infrastructure components, Socrates represents an incredible return on investment (ROI).

Unlike many web frameworks which require highly skilled software professionals for initial deployment and IT professionals for on-going support, Socrates draws on Microsoft and other emerging technologies which, when utilized properly, minimize end-user technology knowledge, while providing functionality which supports your need to focus on your area of expertise; your business. Grow your business with the proper and proven Web presence.

Socrates is licensed in conjunction with web site development engagements. Socrates is represented by resellers throughout the United States. Requests for development engagements are routinely serviced by Socrates reseller personnel. Contact us today for a reseller near you.